The web application lets you browse and search spatial data sets and services which belong to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Grafika przedstawiajÄ…ca interfejs aplikacji

Available at:

The main task of the portal is to provide citizens, entrepreneurs and public administration with spatial information from official registers guaranteeing its quality, timeliness and reliability. The website is the central point of access to the national spatial data infrastructure.

The content of the National Geoportal map consists of 8 basic layers and 11 directories containing supplementary layers:

  1. National Register of Boundaries
  2. Adresses and streets
  3. Land and building registration
  4. Utilities networks
  5. Topographic objects
  6. Local development plans
  7. Real estate prices
  8. Local map portals
  9. Specialized surveying information
  10. Public utility facilities
  11. Data of other organisations
  12. Landform
  13. Data for download
  14. Data aquisition status
  15. Indexes
  16. Specjalist data
  17. Topographic maps
  18. Orthoimagery
  19. Archival data