The Geoportal 2 Project Team consists of a group of specialists in a class of their own, who are active in projects related to development of spatial data infrastructure, both in Poland and on international level.

Representatives of the Geoportal 2 Project Team participate in activities of the EuroGraphics. This is an international association of members of European cadastral and cartographic organizations, dealing with a multitude of projects related to development of the European spatial data infrastructure. They participate in activities led by the workgroup for spatial data quality - QKEN (Quality Knowledge Exchange Network). They also participate in activities of the workgroup for implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in the European Union – IINSPIRE KEN, which is also affiliated by the EuroGraphics.

The specialists from Geoportal 2 Project Team are also participating in the IOC Task Force initiative (Initial Operating Capability Task Force). The IOC Task Force group associates representatives from each member country of the European Union, who are in charge of architecture solutions and implementation of spatial data services in the national spatial data infrastructures. The IOC Task Force supports the member countries in implementing and maintaining the INSPIRE Directive requirements. Currently, the main focus of the Task Force is: implementation of searching services (INSPIRE Discovery) and collecting services (INSPIRE View) in the member states.