Geoportal applications for mobile devices

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Geoportal applications for mobile devices

Geoportal Mobile application provides access to OGC spatial data services and GeoServices REST.
Geoportal Mobile provides access for national registers published by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography through

Geoportal Mobile enables:

  • Access to spatial data services,
  • Browsing and locating parcels,
  • Adding services, choosing particular maps,
  • Searching for geographical objects including address points.

This app enables the user viewing maps and provides him with the following functions:

  • Map window navigation – changing map extent according to users action (pan, zoom in, zoom out)
  • Viewing tiled services – displaying maps showing their contents as map tiled services,
  • Adding external WMS services – this service allows user to expand map contents by adding WMS services.
  • Searching for address, parcel, geodesy groundwork points – a chosen address or parcel no. will be displayed in map window.
  • Length measurement – measures the length of a line drawn on map,
  • Area measurement – enables measurement of area or outline of a drawn polygon,
  • Current location – user can mail a link to his current location
  • Registering and saving track – enables user registering and tracking his own track on a map based on GPS signal. It can be saved and send in KML file format.
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