Uprzejmie informujemy, że w dniu 14 lipca 2014 r. ( poniedziałek ) planowane jest wyłączenie Geoportalu 1 opublikowanego pod adresem maps.geoportal.gov.pl. Od tego momentu wszystkie usługi w domenie maps.geoportal.gov.pl będą niedostępne. Prosimy wszystkich Użytkowników Geoportalu o korzystanie z usług Geoportal 2 dostępnych pod adresem mapy.geoportal.gov.pl.

Dear All!

Welcome to the new edition of the national geoportal. We are pleased to introduce you to the results of more than two years of intense work that was carried out under the framework of the GEOPORTAL 2 project.

We are aiming at creation of truly innovative solutions in the area of space data supply. Therefore, GEOPORTAL 2 has importantly enlarged the range of functionalities that have been made available to the portal users so far. Starting from now, the users will be able to experience new quality in the area of access to data sets that are owned by the public administration. Thanks to geoportal, the services of spatial data infrastructure have been made available, not only for selected administration units, responsible for state registers, but also for a large number of both private users and legal entities.