The BDOT10k portal is an application for the visualization and analysis of BDOT10k topographic data, which are part of the central part of the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resource.

The application works in WWW technology and is the result of a competition organized by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.

The portal is available at:

The basic task of the application is the visualization of BDOT10k data for the whole country, searching and selection of objects.

In the application has implemented layers for land and building registration, utilities, orthophomaps and base topographic maps. The implemented layers use the available WMS services maintained by GUGiK. Additionally, the app also offers the ability to connect other browsing services to the map view.

The BDOT10k portal is also compatible with mobile devices.

The basic functionalities of the BDOT10k Portal have been presented in the video tutorials.