Basic Geodetic Network (PRPOG)

In the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resources are collected and available information and data (including archival) of basic geodetic points for the entire country in the networks

National Register of Boundaries

National Register of Boundaries (PRG) provides information and data (including archival) about the state register of boundaries and areas of territorial division units of the country, located in the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resources.


Mapa topograficzna jest opracowaniem kartograficznym w skalach od 1:10 000 do 1:100 000 o treści ogólnogeograficznej, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem obiektów topograficznych...

National Register of Geographic Names

National Register of Geographical Names (PRNG) provides the data collected on the central level, in the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resources about the names of geographic features located within the Polish Republic

Database of General Geographical Objects (BDOO)

In the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resource, information and data for geographic objects located on Polish territory are collected in General Geographic Database (BDO). The basic materials were created in scale 1:50 000. The next levels are suitably generalized form of the primary database...

Utilities network (GESUT)

The utilities network databases (GESUT) contain information about the existing and designed utility lines and related infrastructure.

Orthophotomap (ORTO)

Digital orthophotomap is the raster, cartometirc image of the terrain which was created by the orthogonal projection of aerial photographs or satellite scenes.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

The National Geodetic and Cartographic Resources collects and provides digital terrain model DTM made on the basis of aerial images, airborne laser scanning and topographic maps. All elevation data are made in “PUWG1992” coordinate system, and the heights of points relate to the Normal Height...

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

The Digital Surface Model (DSM) represents terrain surface along with any objects and features protruding over it, such as buildings, trees, bridges, overpasses and other infrastructure. Poland maintains and updates the DSM based on a 0.5×0.5 m mesh for urban areas and on a 1.0×1.0 m mesh for the...

LIDAR measurements (LIDAR)

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) measurements obtained from airborne laser scanning (ALS) provide a representation of land as a cloud of measurement points with defined XYZ coordinates.

Topographic Objects Database (BDOT10k)

Database of Topographic Object collects the information and data about topographic objects. This database is appropriate to the maps in the scale 1: 10 000.

Land and Building Register (EGiB)

Geoportal presents register data for land and buildings which is maintained and shared in WMS service by heads official of a district or presidents of cities which have a status of a district. Land and building register is carried out in a computer system, which is based on a computer database.

Topographic Objects Database (BDOT500)

Topographic features collected in BDOT500 databases together with, among others, objects of land and building registration or utilities network make up a large-scale base map. The BDOT500 databases are maintained by heads of counties, which results in 380 units being responsible for maintaining...

Detailed Control Network Database (BDSOG)

Baza danych szczegółowych osnów geodezyjnych (BDSOG) prowadzona jest przez starostów, co oznacza, że 380 jednostek jest odpowiedzialnych za prowadzenie tej bazy. BDSOG zawiera informacje dotyczące punktów szczegółowej osnowy geodezyjnej poziomej i wysokościowej dla obszaru danego powiatu...

Other data

In addition to basic content such as PRNG, PRG or Topographic maps, Geoportal also presents smaller databases which are not included in The National Geodetic and Cartographic Resources. These data are presented as WMS services.