Dictionary services provides reference data dictionary from the scope of the system address, ie. Dictionaries villages, streets, and addresses. These dictionaries are available in two modes: on-line and off-line, differing in both primary purpose of use as well as the way organizations access to the data dictionary.

Online dictionaries are available as a service (SOAP returns data as XML) as well as services (REST returns data in JSON and XML formats). In addition, you have a simple HTML interface for easy example of using the REST service.

Services dictionaries offline are used to provide data for the update of reference dictionaries stored in external systems. The data are made available in the form of packages (.zip) containing dictionaries towns, streets, and addresses for municipalities. There are also packages aggregate, ie. Containing w / in the dictionaries for all municipalities of the county or province. Dictionaries contain both current data and historical data


Services dictionaries may be disabled during updating of data.


Schedule update dictionary services:

Update information



Dictionary on-line service update monday, thursday 3:00 p.m. monday, thursday 3:30 p.m.
Dictionary off-line service update monday, thursday 3:30 p.m. tuesday, friday 9:30 a.m